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Learn the 8 Principles of
Conscious Leadership
May 7th & 8th 2020
Make Your Transformation Begin In...
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What is It?
  • A deeply transformative and experiential leadership development program that teaches an innovative 8 step process proven to work regardless of the industry you are in or the generations you must lead.
  • A program that teaches cutting edge, international award-winning “consultant level” methods Jeffrey has used to build his leadership consulting practice for over 15 years.
Who Should Attend?
Any executive, management team or consultant responsible for building the high performance teams and strong cultures necessary to succeed in today’s increasingly complex and competitive world.
Is This You?
  • You are working both hard and smart, but your progress has hit a glass ceiling.
  • You know there is something you are either not doing right or are doing wrong, but can’t find the “secret” that will give you the breakthrough you are so close to achieving.
  • You are committed to learning the latest advancements and breakthroughs in leadership, coaching and culture building technologies and practices.
  • You have a deep desire to achieve your next level of personal and professional development and to lead others to do the same.
  • You are ready to learn and to put into practice, innovative, international award winning leadership principles you can implement immediately to begin transforming both yourself and your results to new heights.
Then This Conference
Is For You
"What I learned about the mechanics of leadership during this training with Jeff was professionally powerful. And what I learned about humanity and the essence of conscious leadership was personally transformational."

Sal Sauco, Entrepreneur, Principal at Englund Studio

Attendance is limited – Enrollment is on a first come first serve basis.

Significantly shorten your learning curves in a strategically located historic retreat where Presidents and Kings have come for a restorative experience. You will leave feeling refreshed, recharged and rewired!


Receive personal and in-depth training from Jeffrey Deckman, the creator of the Bigger Know Principles of Conscious Leadership and the author of the national and international award winning book.

2 Days.
6 Deliverables. Lifelong Benefits.
  • Learn “consultant level” leadership and culture building techniques Jeffrey has developed and perfected during 40 years of management and 15 years as a leadership and organizational design consultant.
  • Learn a clearly defined, easy to understand 8 step system that will immediately begin taking both your leadership skills and the performance of your teams to their next levels.
  • Learn hidden psychological and group dynamics that secretly drive performance and the ways to leverage them to maximize organizational performance.
  • Learn powerful, international award winning leadership and culture building tools that create teams which are more engaged, more closely connected and which are highly resilient.
  • Uncover personal traits that secretly work against your effectiveness as a leader and how to correct them.
  • Have the option of joining an ongoing support program with other highly motivated, like-minded professionals committed to continuing their growth as Conscious Leaders long after the conference is over.
This 8 Step
System Will
Teach You:
  • The difference between your Outer Ego and your Inner Elder and how they define you and determine your effectiveness as a leader.
  • The 4 I’s of Innovation and Creativity and how to unleash them to impact performance.
  • The 4 Pillars of Conscious Leadership and how to apply them.
  • How to shift from the “conscious mind” to using the “subconscious mind” to elevate your creativity, innovation and problem solving abilities.
  • How to identify and mobilize the 3 forces responsible for driving all performance and profits but are obscured by your Org Chart.
  • The concept of Leading with A.I.R.; why it is the foundation of all Conscious Leadership practices and how to use it to increase both your impact and your ability to develop next generation leaders prepared to succeed in today’s hotly competitive world.
Traditional leadership methods are dead.
Commit today to learning what has replaced them.
Day 1 – Thursday May 7th
The New View

7:30 to 8:30 – Registration


8:30 to 9:30 – Intro to Conscious Leadership and The Organizational Trinity


9:50 to 11:05 – Principle 1: There is a “Bigger Know”

11:25 to 12:40 – Principle 2: Domesticate the Dog


2:00 to 3:15 – Principle 3: Ask and Invite Questions….Then Listen


3:35 to 4:50 – Principle 4: Assess, Don’t Judge


5:00 – Dinner, Downtime, and Discussions. Hang out by the fire pit with adult beverages, good folks, bad stories and smores!

Day 2 – Friday May 8th
Integration and Transformation

9:00 to 10:15 – Principle 5: Coach, Don’t Criticize


10:30 to 11:45 – Principle 6: Seek Alignment over Agreement


11:45 to 1:15 – Lunch


1:15 to 2:45 – Principle 7: Be Committed, Yet Detached


3:05 to 4:20 – Principle 8: There are No Failures, Only Lessons


4:20 to 4:45 – Closing

Contact Jeffrey Deckman for more details –

"Leadership is a State of Consciousness" - Jeffrey Deckman
Registration Information

When: May 7th & 8th 2020


Where: Whispering Pines Conference Center, URI Alton Jones Campus.


Whispering Pines is located approximately 20 miles from TF Green Airport, 30 miles from Downtown Providence and the Amtrak station, and only 80 miles from Logan International Airport in Boston.

Investment: $1,750.00/person

  • 16 hours of intensive training and practice
  • Workbook
  • Signed copy of Developing the Conscious Leadership Mindset for the 21st Century
  • Continental Breakfast and full Lunch on Thursday and Friday
  • Dinner on Thursday Evening


1 individualized Conscious Leadership coaching session with Jeffrey to support you in your personal and professional growth.
VALUE $500.00


  • Receive $250.00/person in discounts for:

Early Registration prior to April 10th 2020

Groups of 3 or more

Non Profit Organizations


  • Payment Terms can be arranged and your seat reserved with only a $450.00 deposit.


NOTE: This training qualifies for a 50% reimbursement grant from the Governor’s Incumbent Worker Training Grant Program for any company registered in Rhode Island.
Applications for grants must be submitted approximately 6 weeks from date of conference. (No later than March 26th).


Contact for information on the grant and filing procedures.


Class size limited

Registrations are on a first come first served basis.

Overnight Accommodations are available on a first come first serve basis and are handled directly through the Conference Center. (The camaraderie and the connections that occur Thursday evening make the whole experience even more rich!!)

Contact Ann-Marie Smiley at 401-874-8102 or email Ann-Marie here. For pricing and availability go to

About The Instructor
Jeffrey Deckman is an innovative thought leader in the new leadership and organizational design mindsets, models and methods that are driving performance and profits in 21st century organizations.


He has more than 35 years experience “in the trenches” as serial entrepreneur. He also co-founded a 21st century think tank; has been appointed by 3 Rhode Island governors to serve on various boards and commissions; has built non-profits and has served as a political strategist, for more than two decades.


Since 2005 Jeffrey has been helping forward thinking clients build their leadership teams and organizations to the next level as a leadership and organizational development consultant, coach, trainer and speaker.


Jeffrey’s innovative work around highly practical, next generation leadership methods and organizational models has won him both national and international acclaim.


His work focuses upon helping leaders and managers to create the conditions which unleash the collective genius and energies from previously untapped pools of human capital in order to increase performance and profits while building healthy and resilient cultures.


He is a stage 4 cancer “thriver”, a Reiki master and a dedicated student of Toaist, Eckist and Native American spiritual teachings.


His approach to both leadership and life is centered around helping people and the organizations they build and run to uncover and realize more of their true human potential.
“My biggest takeaway from last year’s Conscious Leaders Conference was that LEADERSHIP is not about a title. Rather, real leadership has a lot more to do with working on ourselves as human beings. Jeff helped us all dig deeper to do the inner work that leads us to become better people and better leaders. This was a true self-development journey. I recommend this conference to anyone who is in search of leadership excellence.”

Bob Salvas, Consultant, Entrepreneur, Professional Development Manager, Rhode Island Builders Association

“The Conscious Leadership Conference was a professionally enriching and personally fulfilling experience for me and for all of the participants who attended the retreat. The conference was unique in that it presented cutting-edge knowledge; a practical “how to use” approach with an openness that nourished both the insights and spirits of attendees. After the end of the conference, as I drove away, I felt privileged to have watched the personal and professional growth of the attendees. Jeff, thank you for such a satisfying and enriching conference experience.”

Jack Beauregard, Consultant, Serial Entrepreneur, CEO The Wisdom Company

“I had been through many trainings in business school, during my corporate career and had also given many trainings as a consultant. What emerged from this conference was not just a skillset to be absorbed and practiced or even a way of thinking, but an awareness, and a way to perceive what was happening around you in an organization or a community. I highly recommend this training for those looking to train high potential future leaders and those already in leadership looking to elevate their skills to the next level.”

Michelle Girasole, Founder and President, Fresh, LLC